Survivor Bowl 7: Week 11 Picks (the Final 3) (1 Viewer)


Apr 28, 2000
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Fairhope,AL. *Mandeville,La. 87-94*


*Pick a winner (no point spread involved) of any NFL game during week 1. Picks MUST be entered inside the Week 1 thread 1 hour prior to the Thursday kickoff game between the Phins Vs. the SUPERBOWL CHAMPS! Game time is 730 p.m. central!
*If the team you selected wins their week 1 game, you continue to week 2. If your team of choice lost their week 1 battle, you have been eliminated from SURVIVOR BOWL VII already and should be ashamed of yourself!
*A team may only be selected once during the season to win their game(exp. if you pick the Saints in week 1, you may not select the Saints again for the remainder of the SURVIVOR BOWL VII).
*You continue in the SURVIVOR BOWL until a loss (or tie) is suffered, then you're out of the pool. YES, TIES ARE LOSSES!
*Winning picks must be in 1 HOUR prior to first game kickoff on any given week. THERE WILL BE ALOT OF THURSDAY GAMES THIS YEAR SO MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR PICKS IN ON TIME OR BE ELIMINATED!
*Any pick not submitted by any of the deadlines set within the rules posted each week will be considered a loss and the contestant will be eliminated from SURVIVOR BOWL VII.
*The game will continue until one contestant remains.
*If all remaining contestants are eliminated in the same week, the contest will consist of a tiebreaker. The highest point total from all picks combined will win!
*If the regular season ends with no outright winner, the winner of the main pool will be chosen by the total number of points scored by each team you chose to win in their chosen game.



1. CHI-TOWNSAINT: cards/Ravens/Dolphins/boys/Saints/Broncos/Pats/giants/bears/bolts/colts/


2. 62 Defense: pats/bolts/Eagles/boys/Bears/ Broncos/Colts/giants/jags/ravens/


3. daguirre84: cards/Bengals/Ravens/Eagles/Panthers/boys/Broncos/bears/giants/colts/
1. CHI-TOWNSAINT: cards/Ravens/Dolphins/boys/Saints/Broncos/Pats/giants/bears/bolts/colts/

week 11-Eagles
2. 62 Defense: pats/bolts/Eagles/boys/Bears/ Broncos/Colts/giants/jags/ravens/

Week 11 - CHIEFS
Good Luck to my two opponents!!

The remaining three all won last week on last second of the game missed or blocked fielg goals - WHEW
we very easily could've had EVERYONE out last week. crazy..

i'm happy to have exited with a dirty birds loss.

good luck to the final 3!
So tell me how crazy this is...two of the last three picked the Cardinals in the first week...Congrats to all three and good luck.

I counted over 200 the first week.
How come ChiTown has picked 11 teams already but the other two contestants have only picked 10? (Not counting this week; week 11)
congrats 62!

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