Talked to Saints doctor this weekend about the injured players (1 Viewer)

Speedy Ronzales

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Aug 7, 2007
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I wont mention his name due to its irrelevance.

about Vilma- Vilma's condition dates back to high school. He has a condition that deteriorates the bone in his knee. the surgery removed the dead part of the bone and leaves a void in his bone. He will be like new for two to three years, at which time he will feel the pain of arthritis. Which he believes can be medicated. Vilma will be fine and is actually running.

Deuce- Deuce will be ok as well. Not as fast as he was but will be ready to play soon. His type of injury is not going to relapse just because it has jsut healed. if it happens again it wont be cause it is weak. it will actually be stronger than it was before due to the specific exercises used to rebuild his injury. normally players dont concetrate on workouts like that.

McKenzie- Mckenzie will be back ready to play by the 2nd or 3rd game at full speed. Again his speed may or may not be what it used to be.

I met him at a wedding and he was very informative and got me ready for this season. I forgot to ask him about Morgan.

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