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Very smart signing, think he will do well here. Will he get double digit sacks, probably not. But he can provide 5 something sacks and be a good presence when inserted.

Fun fact KPass has been more productive the last two seasons than Clowney.
Lol. I know what you mean. I only knew who he was cause last week i was comparing Saints and Chiefs 2017 draft class

Heres an article on KPass. Last year the Article took a look back on K.Cs 2017 draft picks and gave the pic a B. Getting a player of his talent on a cheap contract is a big win.

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I think there is good chance for him to get double digit sacks with our secondary
Fun fact KPass has been more productive the last two seasons than Clowney.

Yet some team will inexplicably give Clowney a contract that dwarfs Tanoh's. I'm not going to sit here and act like I didn't want Clowney last offseason but I'm so glad he didn't land with the Saints. The guy has crazy measurables and he made one of the best plays I have ever seen in college. But in the NFL he's been more name than actual game.
Saints love these tall long armed DE's

Davenport: 6'5 270lbs
Granderson: 6'5 260lbs
Tonah: 6'7 270lbs
Jordan: 6'4 270lbs

These players if they don't get to the QB will bat some balls down. its a good recipe in terms of intangibles in a player or position.
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I'm going to miss Hendrickson, but this just "feels" good. I don't have any thing to go off of here, but I feel like he's going to mesh well.

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