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Aug 2, 1997
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  1. .. 1st of all, i'm not understanding all this love-fest for the Eagles.. I mean damn, I fly down there for my 1st Saints game in the Superdome, and they absolutely destroyed the Eagles, I mean for my 1st Saints game I couldn't have asked for anything more, was just as I expected.. Now, fast forward to this current day and time, and between the big mouths on TV and my fellow co-workers constantly asking me "ya think the Saints have it this weekend ??" .. smh.. I mean really, did something happen that I don't know about ?? .. & nm Foles, I don't care who's running that offense, I seen what I seen in week 11, that D is just straight harrrrrd, Eagles are about to find out what happens pt. 2.. add to that the Saints O-line is rested and ready to go, and to that you got coach wheeling around cash and a trophy, setting mousetraps, etc.. I mean I just don't get it, hardly a peep on NFLN, ESPN, etc.., almost like no one really wants to believe the Saints are the TRUE #1 seed.. my money sez that Payton is let'n our fellas know that "this game" is the one that shoulda' been played last year, and personally I think they're gonna kick the living crap out of the Eagles (again).. No fanfare, no hype, no props from the media ?? GOOD!.. IMO, the quieter the better, and if anyone doesn't believe it, [Mod edit TVP seek a higher level]

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Jul 7, 2011
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Max Kellerman was saying he thinks the Saints peaked 5 weeks ago and that we're going to overlook the Eagles. IOW, your basic "no team has ever lost the last regular season 3 games and won the Super Bowl" argument. And then indeed picked the Eagles.

I mean, we've only known who we're gonna play for a week. How can we POSSIBLY overlook that team?

There's about a half dozen or so talking heads who NEVER pick the Saints and Kellerman is one of them along with Bucky Brooks, Prisco, Nate Burleson, and MJD......................there's probably a couple more but those names stand out as the ones who wouldn't pick the Saints if they had a gun in their ear!!
So what's new??

It's why I've watched very little of any of the pre coverage. The dust will settle and the smoke will clear come Sunday evening.

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