Teams control of own destiny after 11 games (NFC only) (1 Viewer)


Sep 13, 2006
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Pretty much the same as we had before, but the Giants lost a seed and Chicago gained one, and the Seahawks let the 49rs in:

Tampa Bay #5 seed - Even with 4 losses they'll beat out the other contenders in tiebreakers for the Wild-Card if they win all 5.

Saints #5 seed - Oh to be in any other division. The Saints could tie for the league's best record and still have to travel for a Wild-card matchup.

San Francisco #4 seed - Yep, the Seahawks loss Sunday let'em in, if they want it.

Seattle #4 seed - Last game could determine the division and an also ran.

St. Louis #4 seed - Same as above.

Giants #3 seed - They can win the division and tiebreakers still but those losses put them behind the 8-ball.

Philly #3 seed - With four losses they could find themselves behind Atlanta or N.O., and Chicago or Green Bay.

Green Bay #2 seed - Can only lose out to Atlanta or N.O. record-wise.

Chicago #2 seed - They lose all 13-3 tiebreakers, even against the Saints.

Atlanta #1 seed - Everyone's running out of games to catch these guys.

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