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uh, no.
Oct 18, 2001
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For as long as this Saints fan can remember, this franchise has had a penchant for being in games that that 'shouldn't' be in and not being in games that they 'should' win.

These past two weeks have shown that the offense is a legitimate threat to use the NFL record books as a single ply toilet paper and flush it down the toilet. The defense has shown a negligable improvement save for creating turnovers. The pass rush is the same as it has been in the past, pass defense is slightly better, and the rushing defense is also about the same. If the defense does not turn the ball over, we're looking at the same defense we have had for a long while. That being said, I think they will improve and find a way to pressure the quarterback with the front four.

The Saints beat the Lions 45-27 and beat the Eagles 48-22. The defense gave up the same amount of points to the Lions AND the Eagles and, thanks to Sharper, score 3 more points againts the Eagles...nut you won't hear anyone apologize for saying the Saints wouldn't hang a forty burger on the Eagles. Although this team seems to be bucking the trends of its past by dominating teams that they should beat, I am still concerned with the defense. The offense has started the games out perfect with 2 TD drives to open the game, but everybody knows that Drew will have one of those games where he starts the game off with an INT and perhaps throws one or more. The question that still hasn't been answered is if the defense will be able to stiffen up and be stingy while still creating turnovers. I really believe in this team. I really do.....and if the Saints can go into Buffalo and handle a team that is not playing a rookie or a backup, I will feel that much better about this season than I have felt about other 'good' Saints teams.

I am also going to the game and the Saints are 2-0 when I travel to see them play. Haha


Sudden Death Superstar
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Jul 24, 2008
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yes, the d can play. the turnovers aren't an accident. they are by design and they will continue to flow.

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