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Bush, Evans, Strief, & Colston...

Harper & Ninkovich were playing pretty good till injuries took them out. They should both be back next year.

All these players contributing big time and major reasons the Saints are 6-2.


I'd rank it as the Saints 2nd best draft behind the '86 one.
Hollis "Tank" and Jeff Faine for moving back a few spots too.
Payton knows what he's doing and we should have 6 picks through the first 4 rounds. A lot more talent should be added. He's papering over cracks still at the moment. Imagine what it'll be like when he has talent and his guys all over the field
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I was quite partial to 1981 as well:

1 George Rogers RB South Carolina
2 Russell Gary DB Nebraska
2 Ricky Jackson LB Pittsburgh
3 Frank Warren DE Auburn
3 Hoby Brenner TE USC
5 Louis Orbre T Oklahoma
5 Jerry Boyarsky DT Pittsburgh
6 Nat Hudson G Georgia
6 Johnnie Poe DB Missouri
6 Glen Redd LB Brigham Young
7 Kevin Williams WR USC
8 Gene Gladys LB Penn State
8 Kevin Evans DB Arkansas
9 Toussaint Tyler RB Washington
10 Hokie Gajan RB Louisiana State
11 Lester Mickens WR Kansas
12 Jim Wilks DT San Diego State
That was a great draft too Richard!
Next year's draft will be harder to grade because if this team make the playoffs, there will be fewer roster spots to fill. That means that many of the players drafted late won't get there chance until three years. Mora, Haz and Peyton all have good 1st year drafts.
If we are grading on a 1 year career, then we had a great draft. I'd prefer to see where these guys end up down the road before I claim them all HoFers.
Russ Ball and Loomis have done such a good job at selecting the scouts to evaluate the talent out there. I hope we can keep Russ Ball, he is going to be a hot commodity in the NFL next year.
Bump. It's been 4 years, and it was a hell of a draft.

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That was it! Man that set us back a couple/few years... but you live and learn.

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