The annual “Sean Payton may leave the Saints” reports arrived late this year (1 Viewer)


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Fall is a time for traditions. Football. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Reports that Sean Payton may leave the Saints.

It took a little longer than usual this year, but the darts are finally flying. And as Payton himself has said in the past, eventually someone who reports that a given year may be his last year in New Orleans will be right.

This year, the Rams have become the focal point of the rumors, presumably because Payton has a daughter who attends college in Southern California. As the spitball goes, the Saints may be willing to trade Payton for not much compensation.

That’s fine, but Payton has to want to go. (The Rams also have to want him.) And if Payton believes the Saints are done with him, why cooperate in an effort to finalize a de facto trade? Under that scenario, he should simply refuse to negotiate with the Rams, and wait for the Saints to fire him.

That way, the Rams would give up nothing to get him.

By Mike Florio

Full Story - NBC Sports

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