The case for Drew Brees being a better QB than Peyton Manning (1 Viewer)


Eric Adelson | Columnist | Yahoo Sports

Drew Brees will almost certainly break Peyton Manning’s all-time passing record in Peyton Manning’s hometown.

It will be a true celebration in a city famous for parties if and when the Saints legend notches 201 passing yards, eclipsing Manning’s career yardage record against Washington on Monday night in New Orleans.

There will likely be a debate about where Brees ranks all time. These days, Tom Brady is considered tops, with plenty of good reason. So where does Brees belong in relation to Manning.

Me? I’ll take Brees.

All respect to both passers, as this is like choosing between Mozart and Beethoven. The music is singular either way.

But give me Brees.

Yes, Manning has two Super Bowl victories and four Super Bowl appearances. He has two Hall of Fame careers — one in Indianapolis and one in Denver.

Still, give me Brees. ...

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Andrus Whitewing
Drew Brees is the system but he’s also more than the system. Payton is a great offensive mind, but he could not have done it without Brees and I would say it’s the same vice versa. Every offense has a system but you need the players who can imagine new concepts and arrangements and communicate with the coaches to gain an advantage in game.

At this point, there isn’t much that Brees hasn’t seen. I thought he was surprised by a couple of blitzes on the bunch formations during the Tampa Bay game. Tampa saw bunch and just blitzed every time and even limited a screen out of the formation.

The difference now is that he has talent around him that can create more mismatches than before. The offense was actually at its lowest during the Graham days. Payton and Brees just fell in love with their project of Graham and forgot the system that got them there. Now we have talent plus system across the board. And Brees is functioning at his best because of the combination.

But the first four games without Ingraham is different from last year where Brees puts more on his shoulders. And I think that’s going to make it hard to defend us well into the playoffs when we have an offense that can morph from a pass happy air it out O to a downhill running machine.

I just don’t think you can limit Brees as a system QB when he can so easily deceive a defense even when they have the perfect call. It’s only because of the mastermind of Payton that he gets that label in the slightest.

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