The coaching of this team is horrible (1 Viewer)


Sep 10, 2012
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You come off a crushing loss where they continuously shot themselves in the foot. What do they do immediately? Turnovers, penalties, block FGs, etc. I am stick and tired of this script for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW! When will there finally be some damn changes and accountability? Firing Rob Ryan was such an easy choice because he wasn't their "guy".

Secondly, I am tired of the lack of urgency on offense. Why are you running the ball down 20, huddling up, running the ball, huddling up, running the ball? Each time dragging the play clock down to 10 seconds.

Don't get me started on that 1st and 10 run to Kuhn on the 15 yard line.
Don't get me started on wasting a timeout with 8 minutes left to go. Are you conserving time? That's funny because they weren't when they had the ball.
Don't get me started on not bringing pressure on the 3rd and 8 with the game pretty much on the line.

Each year we say the same thing! At the end we like the progression we're seeing and next year will be different. Well, no it won't, and it hasn't. Another frustrating year of poor football.


Aug 6, 2013
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Tucson by way of Picayune Ms
No sense of urgency when they need it drives me bat **** crazy. That 7 min touchdown drive ****** me off. And this happens over and over. They are more dedicated to the run when they are down late in the game than any other time.

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