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Aug 16, 2002
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Nacogdoches, TX
I love watching Brees move up in the pocket and set his feet before he throws. Instead of drifting back into pressure, he steps forward and buys a couple of precious seconds. He also doesn't throw off his back foot, but sets his feet, which is why I think he's so accurate on his long passes. This just goes to show that the ability to feel pressure and move around in the pocket is much more important than the ability to scramble. And it also goes to show that mechanics are more important than sheer arm strength. Drew throws with his entire body instead of just winging it. I'm really looking forward to next Sunday's game with Brees at the helm.


Apr 7, 2004
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"He also doesn't throw off his back foot"

I live around the Chicago area, so I get to watch a healthy dose of the Bears (since I often can’t watch the Saints games). But it’s amazing to me how people knock quarterbacks like Brees, who don’t have the “big” arm. Rex Grossman has a rifle for an arm, but he probably throws 70% of his passes off his back foot. I’ve mostly followed the Bears and Saints through the years, and this is the first time as a fan that I’ve been able to watch a quarterback who really knows how to play the position. I, too, love watching Brees navigate his way in that pocket. Sometimes it seems like he’s got spidey sense with the way that he avoids the rush.


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Dec 13, 2001
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Right chere
It is SO refreshing to see a Saints QB able to work the pocket and take what it gives him. So many times I wanted to throw the TV out the window the past few years watching horrible pocket presence.

He makes this O Line look so much better AND he takes quite a bit of pressure off the O Line by his ability to find a reciever fast enough. He also moves around the pocket wisely in order to keep the O Line from working longer into the play. His fundamentals have been impressive all year. He steps up into his throws. Shoulders square. Eyes forward and scanning the ENTIRE field. Finding the open guy.

GET ER DONE!!!!!!!!


Oct 27, 2006
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New Haven
He is just plain awesome. give me 10 just like Drew and I'll win a super bowl every year.

Hey cHargers he just be the NFC All Pro QB. DREW BREES


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Jun 21, 2006
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How freakin different does he look than AB did? When the pocket breaks down he is cool and calm.. Its refreshing to see. AB would panic and throw it up or lay down for the sack..Nice to see Gumby gone.. Wow we havent talked about him in awhile

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