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Dec 17, 2003
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I was doing some research on the upcoming draft and even though it well ahead of us in the future, their are a few topic I would like to bring up. The first one is a bit of reflection and past perspective, in June 2005 the New Orleans hornets made a crucial but extremely important draft pick in getting Chris Paul from wake Forest. I have to tell you if we had not made that pick, the Hornets would still be recovering from a disaster season in 2004, and I know for sure we would not be in the position we are now to make a playoff run this spring.
How does this apply to the Saints, you may ask?

Its about the greatest player being available at the right time and the right position to pick up and become a gamebreaker like Paul has for the Hornets. thats what the Saints need IMHO, one more game breaker, we thought we had it with Bush and it has been a mixed success as he tries to make it in the NFL game. The emphasis is on Defense, no doubt about it, we need a defensive gamebreaker because if we are going to make it to the playoffs again, we need a good Defensive gamebreaker, some player who makes others around him better.

But God forbid not every draft has that does it? this draft wont be like the 2006 or with the depth of potential greatness that we saw 2 years ago. No the theme this year is Defense, this is the year of the Defense Draft. I think Glenn Dorsey or James Laurnitis would be good Saints players, but we need a gamebreaker and we need to do the things to apply it to this team.
Remember a good solid defense wins a lot more games then supposed overwhelming offense, our experiment with the run and shoot was not what we were expecting and it all played itself out.

If Dorsey comes our way, draft him right away.
or if at the very least, get Laurintis on this team, we had sort of a wasted draft last year in terms of immediate impact, we need impact players now and thankfully their were some playing in LSU uniforms last night and in the Ohio State sidelines too. Keep them in mind and keep tabs of them as April gets closer.

but this year is the Defense Draft, thats what we need and thats what I think we will get.

If we don't, we are going down the same path we saw this year maybe.


Oct 31, 2006
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Uptown Kenner
I agree with you 100% on getting our defensive needs filled...but getting that game breaker will be hard to do...we should be able to get a very good player with the 10th pick...but everyone has there opinions on what position we should go long as it's either a CB...LB...or DT....I'll be happy....:9:

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