The Drew Brees that I envisioned finally arrives! (1 Viewer)


May 22, 2006
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West Lafayette, IN
I have been watching Brees since his college years. A great leader, a fierce competitor, a skilled passer extraordinaire, a man whose character is without reproach.

Every quarterback has strength and weakness. A great quarterback's upsides usually overcome his downsides. One thing that some people are still knocking about him is that he seldom took his teams coming from behind to win. A Chargers fan stated that Brees' record for that was 2-17. He claimed that when things began to unravel, Brees did seem to be rattled. And the game would go down to toilet.

I didn't not argue against that claim. I accepted it because since Brees is a human being that he should have some human flaws, in life and in football. I will take that as his only flaw, as comparing to his vast skill sets in quarterbacking. But still, deep down inside, I wish that this only flaw can be corrected and overcome.

Yesterday the game started out badly for him. The same old feeling crept up and I just envisioned that he would get frustrated and the naysayers would crow again. There was one time his rating a lowly 17%. But this time the more he got frustrated, he harder he fought, with courage and tenacity. And the whole team responded and synchronized with his effort and will. And the Saints prevailed at the end. This is the true leadership displayed in its fineness.

Maybe the courage and tenacity are always with Brees the whole life. Since his high school days none of the bigger schools wanted him, except a mediocre Big Ten school in the Midwest. When he entered the draft, the talk of the town was only one name: Mike Vick. He couldn't even get chosen in the first round. When he struggled in SD and Philip Rivers was drafted to replace him, he didn't just give up and play what people expected him to play: mediocrity. He stepped up and challenged his own self. When he hurt his shoulder, he didn't dwell in doubt and self pity. He found a new team, a new relationship with his new coach, and a new role in a new city which cried for new leadership.

To me, the way that he took the team from behind to win last night put him to the level as what Peyton and Brady did, and to some Dolphins fans suggested, what Marino would do. And I am sure this game would become a watershed mark in him and in the team's perspective, no matter how bleak in future games or in future life, we all can learn good lesson from it.

Thank you, Mr. Brees. You have arrived.


Can. Shall. Will.
Apr 22, 2005
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North Carolina
It is a HUGE help that Brees did not have to come back from 21 points down by himself. Give him the defense and the running game that he's been lacking since he got here, and he has the ability and the focus to be as good of a "comeback" QB as any in the league.


Mar 16, 2006
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I'm a Chargers fan and I never understood that argument. When Drew was in San Diego, we didn't have a top notch defense (and Rivers is having a hard time with our current one) and quite frankly, neither did New Orleans. It's a team sport. Also, playing the first three quarters is just as important as playing in the fourth and Chargers fans, more than anyone, should understand that considering the strokes I've witnessed in the live threads due to slow starts.

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