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Jul 27, 2003
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This post is being made to show the scoring efficiency of our offense when one of our 3 main backs touch the ball on any possesion. I was somewhat surprised by the findings.

Pierre Thomas:
15 possessions - 5 scoring drives - 33% scoring efficiency

Mike Bell:
16 possessions - 10 scoring drives - 62.5% scoring efficiency

Reggie Bush:
29 possessions - 18 scoring drives - 62.1% scoring efficiency

It is widely thought that PT is our most efficient back, and for individual statistics this is true, but for team success Mike Bell gets us in the endzone the most, with Reggie closely behind. I counted passes and runs, which seems to stack the deck against Bell, but he still produced more points for our offense than any other back.

I'm not sure what this says, but it's interesting nonetheless. It's hard to compare PT's rate to Bell because they have no common games, but the fact that Bush has such a high rate through all 4 games suggests that the offense benefits from him being in the game and on the team. When we get a couple more games down the line, I think this will be more telling.


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Mar 31, 2008
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bell and thomas are pretty even as runners.

as far as team scoring goes i think that you definetly have to factor in the fact that we put only 10 pts offensively against the jets who were the best defense that we've faced so far and that mike bell comes of the field on 3rd down so us scoring less was more due to a failure of the qb and wrs to make things happen against the jets D.

our offensive recievers put up 6tds against the lions and 3 against the eagles and none the past two weeks.

and its not so much a failure as it is a credit to how good the jets are on defense.

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