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Sep 6, 2001
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The beautiful Pocono Mts...
OK ... the Saints are 1 point favorites against the bucs this week......

Hammernnails at 200 pts takes the Saints -1 for 75 points....
sorry lost my total, but i know i'm good for 200.
sntsfn takes saints -1 for 200
Cruize@25 takes TB for 5 points.

I don't believe this but taking the other side every has helped the Saints go 5-2.
mvtrucking@ 130 pts takes the Saints -1 for 20 pts in week 9
ok here we go "slow and steady" Pa.Saint at 80 [I think] takes the Saints -1 for 20

Alex I got a disc of the pics from our last trip, pm or email me and I'll have honey send them to ya. I havn't seen your pics yet
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Could you update standings. I did it before server change but that thread is no longer here. Some that bet this week did not give their updated totals.

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