The Giants have made a blueprint to correct fumbles (1 Viewer)

Aug 17, 1998
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I sure wish that our coaches are using the same methodology. It sure has corrected Tiki's fumble ratio. Bush and Duece could both use this.
it's simply the way tiki carries the ball......he carries up high....making it harder for defenders to reach from behind and strip
Giants need to help Eli wih the fumbles also (realize that a QB can be blindsided). Eli actually has the same number of fumbles as Vick this year. 8 fumbles in 9 games.
Reggie and Deuce both fumbled 3 times already

no body says anything about deuce, because he only lost 1

all of reggies resulted in turnovers

Reggie tries to push defenders away with his other arm instead of putting two hands on the ball when contact is coming, he already learned trust me

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