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Sep 12, 2004
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St. Martin, MS
We are gaining support on getting our fair share of the oil and gas revenue. Currently, both MS and LA get NOTHING. Yet, other states get their fair share. We are gaining support but could use fellow Saints fans help in other states to call their representative or senator or email them.


The NYT recently reversed itself and is now supporting the bill:


It is a slight change from the House version (which may in fact be better than this one).

If you can call or email, please put it here so I can gauge how many people we get to do this.
Jay, I heard Jindal on the radio today, saying it was imperative to get this passed before the changing of the guard. As a back-up, I would suggest writing to those newly elected, congratulating them and asking for their help. you have an example/template letter available? I wish to encourage the Senators from AL to support this bill, but I want to make sure I'm not talking out the side of my head when I send them an email.
I don't have a letter. I think I should work one up as that is a good idea.

Sharon, that is very interesting. I heard on WWL that Blanco says she talked with Pelosi about it and felt that Pelosi would help us.

On another note, we have 77 views and only 1 person from another state willing to do something.

Is it because we are a sticky that we are not getting many responses?
On another note, we have 77 views and only 1 person from another state willing to do something.

Is it because we are a sticky that we are not getting many responses?
I had stickied this in hopes it would gain attention and not run off the page. If it doesn't get more attention today, I'll drop the sticky and see how it goes.
Jay, I'm in Tennessee......don't know if I can be of service.....but if you work up that template I'd be happy to send it in my name to the elected officials up here!
Put me in that number... when you get a template please let us know.
I think "stickied" threads tend to get overlooked sometimes...I just noticed this one right now. I'd be happy to send an email to the Senators from Missouri but would also appreciate the template so it sounds like I have an idea about what I'm asking them to support!
Tuesday could be the BIG day!

House to vote on offshore royalties

Louisiana would get millions for coast
Saturday, December 02, 2006
By Bruce Alpert
WASHINGTON -- Republican House leaders have scheduled a vote Tuesday on Senate-passed energy legislation that would give Louisiana and other producing states a share of offshore royalty payments.

The bill will be brought up under procedures that would require a two-thirds vote. If approved, the legislation would go directly to President Bush, who has promised to sign it into law.

Some groups are lobbying to delay this bill until next year, so the Democratic majority can re-write some sections. But the Republicans have already agreed to drop the Alaska/Preserve drilling from this one. AND both Charlie Melancon and Mary Landrieu are telling fellow Democrats NOT to wait, and are trying to get this one passed on Tuesday.

If we're going to email anybody, the time is now. I heard Jindal on WWL again (yesterday?) and he said it's not just this Bill that we need, but another "water" one that's up for a vote later this week as well. I'll try to look it up now.

I'm also going to "unstick" this thread for more exposure. After the super-successful grassroots efforts under 1-Levee and then One Assessor, we can stick together and get this passed as well.
Okay, emailing these people will not be easy. I'm looking around, and can't find a list of emails. It looks like you have to go to each individual Representative's website and look for either an email, or use their comment box.

This is where that Citizens for one New Orleans group had it going. You could fill out a comment box with your letter, and hit one button, and it would automatically get emailed to all the State reps.

I wonder if Ted or somebody has an email list we could use?

Here's the list of websites:

The Bill up for vote is: Domenici-Landrieu Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (S. 3711)
They would have needed 290 votes in the House (only got 230something last time), but if it goes back to Rules Committee, they can change it requiring a simple majority. Senator Landrieu worked extremely hard on this bill, and it should pass but for a bizarre alignment of very left and hard right and environmentalists.


Doesn't sound good anyone got anymore info?

I've been bugging my Congressmen over here about it constantly. I've tried now for weeks to get the "swing" votes to see if we could get some members to send them some letters but no luck yet.

They think it will pass (but not the one we should get) but say it is going to be close. You have Florida and California really opposing it strongly (even the bill that does not open up drilling in other areas of the country).

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