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Dec 17, 2003
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Well guys Halloween is tommorrow and in the season of it all, I would like to ask some people on the board if they have ever thought they ever seen anything supernatural like ghosts, voodoo related material, or anything that seemed otherworldly and maybe a UFO in case.

New Orleans is a haunted town and has the history to prove it? Are their any instances where around this town their were times you thought you were being watched by something that you could nt see or hear footsteps running around but you didnt see anyboyd make them?

I saw something on Haiti and the Serpent and the Rainbow movie form the 1980's and guys it was reported that their were several cast members like Bill Pullman had strange dreams and strange visions that were terrifying to them, is that true about Haiti in some instances?


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Nov 6, 2001
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Parts Unknown
I think I saw my grandmother's ghost at her house when I was younger.. She had had lung cancer and died maybe a year or so earlier..

We were sitting in the living room and to my right was the kitchen, through which you could see the hallway wall.. Well, I looked through the kitchen and saw a black, shadowy figure moving down the hallway wall.. It was about my grandmother's height, had what looked like a bald head (she'd lost her hair from the chemo) and was wearing flowing outfit that looked like a muu muu, which she often wore around the house..

It was definitely a strange sight to me, but I said nothing about it to my family..

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