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Mar 14, 2006
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Stats are stats. And Brees & Colston have plenty of them... But I am not here to talk about stats. I'm here to talk about the things that analysts overlook.

1. Drew Brees

A. Leadership

-- This guy exudes confidence and leadership. He takes the blame when things go bad, and gives the commendations to others when things go right. Drew Brees, alone, inspires confidence and winnability to everyone he talks to. Take away the yards, the TD's, the First Downs. This guy makes other people believe they can win.

2. Joe Horn

A. Survivability and Resilience

-- This guy has endured horrible season after horrible season. Yet despite all the downfalls, he still goes full speed ahead. He does not give up, he exudes confidence and believes fully in his teammates, regardless of week to week performance. He puts his heart and soul into his team, to the very end. It's this passion that gets younger players the desire and love for the game that is important in a winning attitude.

3. Marques Colston

A. Maturity. Yes, he has talent. Yes, he has size. But it is his MATURITY and work ethic that stands tall above the rest. He doesn't care about how many times he gets air time on Sportscenter. I bet he doesn't even care if he wins ROY or not. This guy wants RESULTS, and he DELIVERS RESULTS. Simply put, this guy is a 10 year veteran in a rookie's body. That's the best way to describe Colston.

I could go on, and maybe later I will. Consider this, if you will. Chapter 1 in Tristang's post about the Saints. More to come.

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