The Name That TV Show Game (New and Improved: All Trivia Welcome) (16 Viewers)


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May 25, 2007
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I have work I need to be doing now but I'm just not feeling it.

To my knowledge, this kind of thread has not been done here in nearly a decade so it's time to resurrect.

Even if it has been done more recently and I missed it on my search, I was the first to do the "movie quotes" game under another screen name though I can't find the thread. So I consider it my intellectual property regardless.

This game depends on the honor system so no internet searches please.

Anywho, the concept is simple:

Name a character(s) or a quote from a TV show. The next person names the show correctly then posts another TV show.

Easy peasy.

Speaking of easy, I'll lob a softball right down the middle to start things off:

Gangy and Pop-Pop

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