The NFL allows ticket scalping right outside of the SB

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An interesting read on how the NFL did not object to the ticket scalping going on right outside the Stadium...the Police even mentioned how they helped keep things legit by using handheld scanners that could detect fakes.....

...With little fanfare, the NFL finally yielded on its long-standing anti-scalping stance, making this the first Super Bowl to allow the open resale of tickets for above face value.

For years, the league insisted Super Bowl host cities have an ordinance that made it illegal to sell tickets near the stadium. But the City of Glendale, where the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Coyotes play across the street from each other, had a law that established a designated ticket resale area between the two facilities.

Rather than asking Glendale to change the law, the NFL -- which recently signed a deal making Ticketmaster its official ticket re-selling agent -- allowed it to go on, unfettered.

...The NFL equipped Glendale police officers with 20 scanners that allowed buyers to check the validity of tickets before they completed any transaction. Police ended up arresting a handful of counterfeiters, but the vast majority of the tickets they scanned were legit.

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