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Feb 22, 2012
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Maybe Mack was just the "too obvious" choice. Like telling raider fans they need to watch out for Brees


Mar 1, 2003
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Maybe Mack was just the "too obvious" choice. Like telling raider fans they need to watch out for Brees

exactly. Most of the guys they listed you know what you are going to get. Here is the Raiders players that really will decide this game. 1. Dj Hayden - Raiders nickel CB. the Raiders know what they are getting from Sean Smith, and D Amerson. How Dj Hayden does will say a lot who wins this game. ( definitely worth watching )

2a.( both of these players are Similiar type of players ) Rb Deandre Washington- way better vision than Murray , and more dangerous receiving threat out of the backfield. Raiders offense line eventually going to be a dominating run blocking unit.( just takes time for all the pieces to get comfortable). Might struggle in the run game early. Pass blocking should be lights out of the gate- wouldn't expect to see the Saints touch Carr that many times.( lightning quick release).

2b Rb Jalen Richard look like Carbon Copy of Washington. Only diffrence probably better running between the tackle than Washington, and more shifty than Washington. Both small sized Rb's 5'8 205( get lost behind Raiders massive offense line, will have more impact than Murray in this game.

3a. De- DT Darius Latham - with Mario Edwards on Temporary Ir he is going to be asked to fill his role on defense. Totally dominated Jahri Evans last week .( big reason why Evans was cut)
B. De- DT Denico Autry - plays at one speed, and could really create havoc on Saints offense .
C De- DT Jihad Ward - second round pick going to be a monster.
You hear these three players names , and it's going to be a long day for Bree's and the Saints offence.

4. Raiders inside Lb ( Malcolm Smith and Ben Heeney) Saints getting blockers to the second level these Undersized lb's and defense could be in trouble.

5. Whatever player they have matched up on the Te. Struggled last year defending the Te. Could use Bruce Irvin ( not the plan as they want him rushing the Qb More.( but is an option). Personally I would like to see Safety Keith McGill 6'3 215 33 1/4 arm length to be giving the responsibility of covering Fleener on obvious passing downs.

Last one- Raiders special team units. Everyone know their kickers but they have some bigtime special team guys.( B Trawick- ex Ravens special team ace, d Bates -ex Rams , Taiwan Jones , and Johnny Holton. Look for a lot of high short kicks to about the one yard line.( see if the Saints can get it to the twenty).

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