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Sep 18, 2006
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BLACK AND GOLD, thats what the saints are...BKACK AND GOLD. green bay is not green and gold, they are yellow. chargers are not blue and gold, they are yellow. the rams used to be yellow then they changed to gold. the steelers are not black and gold, they are yellow. regardess how you look at it, you cant turn yellow into gold. so when we kick the snot outa the steelers this weekend, let it be known there is only one black and gold team in the nfl and its the saints. i love the steelers as my only other nfl squad, but loyalty and love go to the saints, who dat.
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so mardi gras colors are purple, green, and yellow??
Yes. I have tons of Mardi Gras decorations and they are all purple, green, & yellow.

my point is that more often than not, they are referred to as purple, green, and gold
i hate to be the downer but it's very common to refer to yellow as gold....not only in pittsburgh, but all over the it really that big of a deal if our gold is "more real" than theirs??

i think i heard that john clayton and joe theismann say that yellow was just as gold as gold
and I guess LSU is Purple and Yellow as well.......hahahaha....I agree though our Gold is better.....I guess not everybody on this board agrees with liking our gold because on that topic about the uniforms a lot of people wanted to get rid of the gold pants and the gold stripe and replace it with all black everything(yuck):no:, even the helmet???
I'm born and raised in the New Orleans area and I've never heard anybody refer to Mardi Gras colors as Purple, green and yellow......
I'm just nitpicking that its not really the color "gold", it's yellow. That's a fact. You can say whatever you want though. I really don't care at all. This argument is funny. :Bandance: :realsmpickle: :strawb:
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blingitty bling bling


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Whats BKACK? Sounds like somethin a chicken says. ;)

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