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Aug 11, 2002
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McAllister rushed for 123 yards against Tampa Bay on Oct. 8, but was held to 32 yards on 15 attempts Sunday.

Clearly the Bucs came out determined to take away the run. They did a fine job of it. Essentially, they decided that we would have to beat them through the air. Fortunately we are well equipped for the task.

As you likely suspect, I bring this up in defense of #25. Far more accomplished backs than Mr Bush have been completely removed from a game by a scheme designed to key in on the run. We did the same against Atlanta this year. Unlike us today, they were not well equipped for the task.

This is just my opinion, so save your aggression for someone more deserving, like perhaps a girlfriend or your boss.
And we mixed it in with good passes. I like the way the Saints have been mixing and adjusting week to week. It's certainly different than the past and our record, right now, is evidence that it is working.
I don't understand whhy people should have to come on here and defend a portion of tthe team the night of a win. Anyone worried about the running game should look no farther than the health of the running backs (stecker is the only healthy back) and the o line. If for some reason someone thought that the saints were going to come out and run the ball with any sort of authority, it isn't the running game we need to worry about.
We did not run enough. That 3&1 in the 2nd quarter was a bit "cute". Deuce will alwys get 2-3 yds on hize size alone. Maybe the lack of J Brown caused the shift in game plan???

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