The Saints won't get any media respect until we win the Super Bowl. (1 Viewer)


Sep 13, 2004
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As it should be. Sorry, I just get tired of all the threads talking about which sportscaster gave us props and which one slighted us---none of it matters until we win a Super Bowl. Until that happens, we are the historically bumbling team who put a few good regular seasons together--this one being no exception.

I understand--I get tired of being slighted, too. I get tired of the big media teams' undeserved hype as much as anyone, I just don't really think we deserve any hype until we're coming home from Miami with Super Bowl rings on our fingers.
Well without a New England-esque legacy, I doubt we'll ever get this "respect". It's just not profitable for the media types, we're a small market team (although I wonder if they consider all the Saints havens throughout the Coast when dropping that label on us - probably not).
It doesn't really matter to me, as long as St. Chadwick's around, I get my Saints-media fix with all the local sports shows.

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