There really are going to be some tough cuts this year. (1 Viewer)


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Dec 7, 1998
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Overall, I'm encouraged by what I saw from the first units last night. Obviously, there are some depth concerns in a few spots but hopefully these young guys getting extensive time in preseason can alleviate some of that.

I tried to pay attention to some of the individual performances and despite some rough patches, I really liked what I saw from some of the young guys and new faces on the team.

There seems to be a logjam at running back. Who's going to be left out of the mix on cut down day?
Also some great potential in the secondary. How do y'all see the roster shaking out there?
Some of the young receivers showed flashes, who makes the cut?

Any other spots where a really good or potentially really good player is going to get released?

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Feb 6, 2002
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My guess - Murphy and Hightower get cut. Lasco brings everything to the table Hightower does plus his incredible abilities as a gunner on ST. Hightower, love the guy but at this point in his career he's a guy you bring in late in the season after an injury. You keep the young guys with the potential but you definitely keep Hightower's number on speed-dial.

Why Murphy? Everyone was excited over his two big returns last night but I also saw the same problems that really hurt the team last year - bobbled kicks and his biggest problem - indecision during kickoffs. Murphy deciding to take kicks out of endzone at the last second only to be tackled at the ten killed the team last year. If a combination of Cadet as KR and TommyLee Lewis as PR do a better job I'm all for letting Murphy go.

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