There's only four teams that haven't gone through a funk this year (1 Viewer)


1 day I'll add a second Lombardi to my pic. 1 day.
Jun 22, 2002
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INDY, DEN, CHI and SD are the only four teams that have never had 2+ game losing streaks or 2+losses out of every three games.

That means Chicago is the only NFC team that hasn't gone through a true slump.

So yes, losing does suck, but remember, nearly every team has gone through what we're going through right now.

And so far, alot of the good teams have found ways to overcome these slumps.

Here's to hoping we can get out of our slump next week.
Good point. And Chicago, for all intents and purposes, lost to Arizona. We're in good company.
except for one intent and purpose, the win column. they had their funk in that az and miami games. They just managed to win 1 of them.
except for one intent and purpose, the win column.
Yeah, at the end of the day, that's the only one that counts. But looking for as many silver linings as I can today.
In terms of poor/uninspired play the offense has only had two bad games: today and Baltimore and it's somewhat understandable against the Ravens since they are one of the league's top blitz oriented defenses. The defense has been consistently weak for the last couple of months so no surprise there.

The Carolina loss was close and was just a tough game against two solid teams. People will hem and haw about the dropped passes in Pittsburgh but the reality is the defense got decimated. The only 'funk' the Saints have suffered is from Drew Brees having two bad games (one of which is understandable).

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