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Mar 4, 2003
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I think we all realize now that this is a Passing Offense, the fact that Brees can throw (and has thrown) for 300+yrds and the team rush for 30yrds and we still win, or win by a score like 31-14 shows what type of offense this is and with players doing there jobs, Devery being the deap threat, Colston continues to be the #1 guy and this offensive line blocking like it has i see no reason in changing this philosophy, but though this is...well appears to be a passing offense we need to get the running game going, we dont need Duece to get 22carries for 150yrds, but we gotta get atleast 75 out of him, we gotta teach bush how to take whats giving to him, shot threw the hole thats the only way he is gonna find the day light he is looking for when he pops it outside, but I think this (unfinished offense) is the offense we have all wanted, passing to set up the run ie; Rams, Chiefs, Eagles...but though we are a passing offense we need some consistency out of the run game.
Deuce looked like he was hurt. It was nice to have Henderson back in the line-up.
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I agree. I love that we seem to finally have an efficient passing offense, but this team needs to learn to be more physical upfront and find ways to get the running game going. If the Saints make the playoffs(and I believe they will), they'll have to be able to run the ball to win.
We run just enough to keep the other team honest. Even though we haven't done too well running the ball lately, just the threat of having Deuce or Bush back there means the defense has to respect that and that opens up the passing game.
I agree we are a passing team.

In fact, the more we are throwing Bush on 3rd down, the more effective Bush is.

Bress' passing later in the game will setup runs for decue.
Deuce looked like he was hurt. It was nice to have Henderson back in the line-up.

Deuce is having trouble cutting and he seems just a step slow. I pray his knee gets better and he can get some of his quickness and lateral movement back before too long.

We are a pretty formidable offense with a 100% Deuce. Throw in Brees, Horn and Colston and we can move the ball on anyone.

One Reggie gets that anlke heals and stops pressing so much that is some icing on the cake. I'd love to know how Reggie is being coached through this. He's clearly dancing and juking too much and it looks like the tendency is actually getting worse...
We have been forced to throw a lot more than (I believe) Coach Payton would prefer, but it's nice to know that we can play ball control even when the rushing game is a bit anemic.

Drew has a lot to do with our success even when it's not all 'clicking' in the backfield! :9:
hmm, maybe reggie needs to watch film of dunn, and tiki?

think more likely, we fans need to think more of Westbrook, and realize that's whats to expect... WEstbrook isn't exactly bad.

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