this is just plain sad. (1 Viewer)

Did they not really lose their home during Katrina after all...and they "begged" for this one? If so then that is very wrong.

If they did really lose their home during Katrina, and they were just given this home, then I don't know. I think I might have thought about selling it to and moving back to my "real" home.

If someone just gives you something that is one thing, but if you ask for it so you can sell it that is totally a different story.

I think though from what I read, they begged for it, and that they might not have even lossed their home during Katrina. Interesting what will continue to unfold from this story...
I think they nailed it with the words "scam artists"

I went back and re-read it all again. It does seem to point in that direction doesn't it? She was married when she recieved the home, and she is not married when she sold the home. Hmm.....All though she did take what was it 6 months before she sold it? All though I guess it might have been on the market that long.
"The family said it wanted to resettle in Memphis."

That wreaks of deception.
Surprise, surprise, somebody *claiming* to be a Katrina victim causing problems...
Delores Thompson, who did most of the talking for her family, told the committee that she had lost her job as a nurse and that her husband had lost an import-export business in New Orleans, committee member Joy Covington said.

He's an importer/exporter.


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