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Apr 19, 2007
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Alexandria, Louisiana
This offseason im hoping we upgrade the front seven. I've been reading a lot of the post and im high on kenny philips myself, but i think we're ignoring something by drafting philips. We want philips to stop the deep pass, instead of adding guys to pressure the qb to limit the deep pass.

Lets face it, even if drafting secondary, qbs will still pass on us all day because of lack of a solid front 7. In the offseason im going hard after briggs and a 2nd tier cb like R. Gay or D Florence. But my draft goes like this:

With the assumption that we can get Briggs and a 2nd tier corner

rd. 1 - Sedrick Ellis or Glen Dorsey
I want an impact player on the line that can get to the qb
5 to 7 seconds to survey the feild is why we get picked apart.​

rd. 2 - MLB​
Lots of solid playmaker LBs in the draft, and in my opinion 90%
of them in the 2nd rd can beat out anyone but fujita for a starting job.​

rd. 3 - CB​
I know we need a young CB, and i think we can still get a
good one here. The front seven is already improved via free
agency and the draft, so we can grab best corner here.​

rd. 4 - S​
I know a bunch of guys want a safety to compete with
kk and bullocks, and they still have some solid Safeties projected

rd. 5,6 - BPA​
Im thinking tight end, some O line, or Cb. We need to draft for
the future now.​

rd. 7 - Speedster​
Im not sold on 100% on Skylar. I hope he works out,
because I loved him at Lsu, but I still want to bring in
some competition.​

I know this might be the total fix for the secondary, but its a great start in my opinion. I know this won't make us an Elite defense, but i think approaching the draft in this format will make us top 12 on defensive or better. Thoughts?​


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Dec 16, 2004
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The problem is, Ellis nor Dorsey will fall to us at 10 barring something major happening. BPA at 10 is likely to be Phillips or Jenkins.

I agree with waiting til the 2nd for a LB unless Laurinitis is available. There are alot of solid prospects there.


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Apr 27, 2006
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The thinking is sound GoBnG......if not for the available talent at #10. And there is a good chance the Saints won't go to the draft for secondary help in the first rd, considering the nature of the defense Gary Gibbs is using. With all due respect to Philips, he probably won't be considered at #10 b/c he is green and is a rookie. I expect the Saints to look for another FS in the FA if they release KK. They need a cerebral veteran at the position more than a rookie, even though Philips might be great in 2-3 years. Last year was no coincidence to bring in every FS they could, as soon as the FA started.....that move just shown how important is the position in Gibbs' scheme.

And there is a possibility that FA might bring an outstanding veteran in a key which case that will pretty much determine the direction the Saints might take in the draft. Knowing how Loomis operates, he will look at the BPA......and that not necessarily means a defensive player, even though defense is the most important need.


Aug 31, 2003
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Las Vegas, NV...originally Laplace, LA
I'd love for either Elllis or Dorsey to be selected by us, but I have a feeling some other team will do that before us. After reading more on the CB's in the upcoming draft, I just don't see one that sticks out to me as being worthy of a #10 pick. That's not to say they aren't first round talent, but maybe in the #15-23 range. And please....I have no desire for us to trade back and pick up more picks. We need quality....NOT quantity!!!

If my guestimation is correct, we'd better go for a DT in free agency, MLB and a veteran your pick on Florence, as I think he would be great. Also, I don't think we have the FO that is going to throw the money needed to land Samuels and Trufant isn't going to be let our Seattle. Picking a CB at #10 scares me more and more each day. If MM were set to be 100% on opening day, I'd feel better but we just don't know and from what I hearing it may be mid-season or next before he's ready to go. Having J. David, F. Thomas, J. Craft and Young along with a rookie CB...YIKES!!! The only problem we'd give the QB with that setup is which CB to pick on all day!

I agree that the power and pressure needs to come from the front seven. Stop giving the QB all 5-7 to setup the big plan. Reduce that time down to 2-3 seconds and I think our CB's will be able to do a better (I didn't say awesome...I say "better") job of stopping the big play. We need a DT and MLB that is going to scare the crap out of the QB and make him uneasy prior to the snap. Heck, teams weren't even worreid about our fearsome DE's because there was no pressure. You double up on the DE's because no pressure was coming from the middle. That has to stop!!! I don't think you're gonna get that from a rookie DT or MLB either, but one or the other coupled with a veteran will do wonders. I do agree that getting a veteran Safety who can help out our CBs in coverage is going to be deeply needed. We need to put fear into the WRs that they MIGHT catch the ball, but they are going to regret it!!! That comes from the safety position, not the CB.

I'll add what I think we should go after in the rounds...but am no mock expert by any means:

1. BPA on matter what position it is. Even if it is DE, I say we take it. Smith is coming up on a contract year and both didn't live up to expectations. Let's keep the leverage during contract negotiations and we can always slide Grant over with the weight he's putting on..."feed my family"......did he steal their food too? In short, Grant back up your talk with action're getting 60 million reasons to prove yourself!

2. CB or LB. This draft is pretty deep at that position and we are picking high enough in round two that someone is bound to slide out of the first round and into our and see. No matter if one is selected in round one, we go with either of these positions in the second round.

3. O Lineman. I know everyone is going to freak out here, but unless we address this in FA, we need more help here. Allenmen and Bushrod need to step up and Faine is good, but Goodwin is outplaying him.

4. Whatever we didn't select in round two needs to be selected here...DB or LB. We need too much help here and the draft is deep and the salaries are cheap compared to the veterans. Also, these can contribute immediately on ST at a minimum!!!

5. TE. E. Johnson just didn't impress me that much this past year and B. Miller held his own but is only one person. With what we have a WR and Bush, we need a good blocking TE as opposed to one that can catch. Both qualities are ideal, but we all know that is a rare quality to find...blocking is the way to go and they can always slide over to the FB position and play ST if needed....God Forbid anything every happens to Karney. NOTE...if Martin is given his walking papers, don't be suprised if they select a QB here. We all know how Payton likes to have pet projects and Palko is still not ready to step up to the #2 spot.

6. Either a safety or LB here. We can hope for a diamond in the rough here, but the way our LBs played last year, a 6th rounder might find his way onto the roster. A CB/Saftery here could make giving Craft or Thomas their walking papers.

7. WR or RB here. Only reason I say RB here is because we don't know the status of Duece, Stecker may or may not be re-signed or decide to test the waters, P. Thomas....was he on a three or one year deal? Our RB core could be great at a solid four or depleted down to 2. I"m hoping for the former, but preparing for the latter. WR, because we are thin and don't know who could be re-signed or acquired through FA.

OH, the joys of the offseason....Geaux Saints!:9:
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