this week a must win game agasint the bucs? (1 Viewer)


Oct 28, 2006
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i think it is conesidering what we have next @Pittsburgh, CINCINNATI, @ Atlanta, SAN FRANCISCO, @Dallas WASHINGTON @NY Giants, CAROLINA. we beat tampa puts up at 6-2 (we lose to pitt i dunno care what there record its a must win situation for them for now on and you know how tough it is to play in pitt) 6-3 we beat Cinnci 7-3, we play atlanta lose 7-4, San fran 8-4, we lose to dallas 8-5, beat washington 9-5-, lose to giants 9-6 and then we play carloina which has our season on the line we win in the playoffs finishing at 10-6 :9: :
The next 2 games are critical...both are road games with this weekends game against Tampa a must...we will find out what this team is made of after that show they put on last weekend....after Tampa Bay...the only "soft" team we'll face are the 49'ers on Dec's crunch time...time to "Layeth the Smacketh Down"...:9:
Why are people so quick to predict us losing games weeks in advance? Hasn't this season taught people that getting ahead of yourself usually ends up with that person being wrong? Which predictions have been the closest to accurate this year? Those that saw gloom and doom or those that refused to believe we could lose? Suffice to say the optimists have been right more often than wrong this year and I say let's ride that optimism right on into playoffs.

Finish the regular season 9-0

Can anyone really tell me that any team we have left is hands down better than the Saints?
5-4 would do it the rest of the way. I will go along with JHoniten though, 9-0!
This is like a playoff game at midseason. It's huge. It's a divisional game, so the importance there is obvious. It' s a conference-record tiebreaker game, so much more important than either last week's game or the next two. And it will define the team heading into the second half of the season: Either as 6-2 and a playoff frontrunner, or 5-3 and fading.

No doubt about it. Gotta have this game. I'm pumped.

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