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Jan 11, 2007
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North Carolina
So me and my wife were driving home from Church on Sunday. I stopped into a large Gas Station. A big truck(Ford 350 with a Big boat) was stopped right outside the front door of gas station. Of course, they could not park it. I come around and a gas pump becomes free and I pull into at this particular pump. I am not thinking anything about it. After i get to the pump and shut off my car, i hear a honk as i am getting out of my car. A guy is already at my car with that big truck and boat right behind me. "What the Fork!(the actual words) man, that was a real **** move on you to pull into my spot."(He had no blinker or such, notifying that he was going into that spot.) Me, "oh i am sorry were you in line for this pump." "Hell I was" as he purposely moves his shirt to show off his Gun on his side. "So when are you getting your *** out of here." The Gas Pipeline in Alabama is part of this problem and here around Charlotte another Colonial Pipeline is messed up. So gas prices have jumped here. I am paying about 2.40 per gallon now and it is going to keep going up. Back to threatening situation. My wife saw all of this going down and then honked the horn. I got back in and moved the car. It was just surreal to see somebody to actually show off their gun in this way. I mean i am for guns to be clear but that was way wrong.

A. You made the only reasonable decision you could have made. You've got nothing to gain by further escalating the situation.

B. You could have, however, taken down his license plate and called the police.

C. That guy is an idiot and judging by his behavior will probably end dead or in jail soon, we'll see how much good his little gun does him then.
Did the F350 have truck nuts?

smh... maybe you should call the police and report exactly what happened.
You should be proud a fellow American exercised his sacrosanct 2nd Amendment rights.

On a serious note, another cultist coward, compensating...
wait... that was you? My bad!!

*note - wasn't actually me*

Hate that happened. Only time that's ever happened remotely similar was back when I was a teen several years back.
and look, just to say it - i hope you don't feel like your 'manhood' was diminished by doing the smart thing
let the late 20s dude who's clearly compensating for poor upbringing be a little ***** in public
you did the right and 'manly' thing
Something just seems weird about this. Can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the extra bit about the gas prices having to no reason to be in the OP.

Just to clear things up, you're saying you had no idea he was trying to pull into that spot at the pump. You pulled in and got out to pump, and he told you it was jerk move. You asked if he was waiting for it, in a friendly manner, no other comments. He said "Hell I was." (what does that mean? Like "damn straight I was!!!"? Because those words don't mean that). To this point, you weren't challenging him a bit, and had stopped all gas pumping related activities to have a discussion to sort things out, and he moves his shirt to show you a weapon?

Is this what supposedly happened?

Are you absolutely positive you didn't perhaps have a jerky expression on your face or something? Some sort of rich church going guy sense of entitlement wafting off of you?

I'm not saying people aren't idiots. Just feels like there might be more to this story based on the way you told it. If I'm wrong, I apologize in advance for questioning it. The way you describe his behavior just seems odd.

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