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Apr 20, 1999
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Kamloops, BC Canada
Is anyone else as sick of hearing this phrase as I am. Enough already. It drives me crazy when the whole North American continent jumps on a catch phrase and beats it to death. What a bunch of sheep people become when they hear a 'hot' new catch phrase.

Window of Opportunity.
Level Playing Field.
Push the Envelope.

Please excuse me while I go puke at the unoriginality of society.
My most hated phrase of all time: "It is what it is." "Thrown under the bus" is pretty annoying too
Was anyone else sick of the commentators(Goose especially) saying "get up the field" after every single one of Bush's runs. I think we got the point after the first 100,000 times people have said it. It's not like they're seeing something that we can't see.
uh, what do you expect when its all been said? there is nothing original left....
I noticed the same thing this year. Let's throw "throw him under the bus" under the bus.
I say we take this window of opportunity to level the playing field and push the envelope and give up all of these phrases. While they are handy, let's face it, it is what it is...annoying. So let's hit a home run and throw all of these phrases under the bus.
Yeah but why should we throw all the whole bulletin board under the bus for the sake of .... ooops...
The one cliche that I truly hate is from baseball...Walk off (insert random hit here).
Player X hit a walk off home run, Walk off triple, Walk off single(yep, heard that one).

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