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Jul 26, 2006
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Baton Rouge
I saw yesterday that the 49ers wore throwback uniforms in honor of their 60th season. Do the Saints intend to do the same this year in honor of their 40th anniversary. If so, when? and if not.. why? Anybody know?

I've been wondering myself if and when we were going to wear any throwback or alternate uniforms anytime in the forseeable future. I wouldn't mind seeing any number of the older Saints unis brought back for a game or two a year. Particularly the late 80's - early 90's or the ones we wore a few years ago as alternates. I just like a change of pace every now and then. Just so long as they don't bring back the black ballerina tights.
I'd like to see some of those Dome Patrol style uniforms at least once this year.

no no we dont want any of the "same old Saints" wearing off on this team

But we're already wearing the unis of the "same ol' Saints" that went 3-13 last year, as well as having several dissapointing seasons before that. So theoretically, if we can overcome that, then the unis aren't a factor. But I'm not superstitious, it's bad luck.
I'd like to see the old school black helments and pants. Cool!

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