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May 18, 2016
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If anyone is interested in buying (the rights) to my tickets, make me an offer. I am only keeping 2 tickets for next year. Now is a chance for you to buy tickets at a cheap price. This year the only tickets I saw that the Saints had for sale were the high dollar ($2000) per ticket and up.
I will be giving up the tickets I have in the following sections: I am also showing the season tickets prices for each ticket from the Saints for this season. I have sold all of the tickets for this year.

633 row 7 2 seats not together $540 per season ticket price
636 row 22 4 seats together $540 per season ticket price
637 row 12 2 seats together $620 per season ticket price
621 row 15 2 seats together $390 per season ticket price


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