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Finished last night. Man, that was pure craziness. The singing was a solid 3.5/10. If you love trainwrecks, this is a good one.

Joe Exotic is a man of many...well, I wouldn't use the word talents. But yeah, every time you think you've got this story figured out, it takes another twist deeper into insanity.
I've only seen the preview but shirt looked crazy. Must watch.

It's even more off the rails than the preview indicates.One of the guys they profile is basically running a New Age polygamist sex cult as part his big cat park, and that's literally the least interesting thing in the series.
Insane. Nothing made me feel worse than the girl who lost her arm and was back at the zoo a week later.

I also think "Here Kitty, Kitty" is a legit good song and I'm going to try to download it.
These guys will rule the post zombie apocalypse earth.
watched first episode last night and i am hooked
I've heard nothing but awesomeness about it. I have bumped it to the top of my queue.
1. I think this guy once sold a tiger to LSU...and that's pretty depressing.
2. Every single one of these big cat owners, all of them, should be in prison. And they all need to be there for something other than owning/selling big cats or how they treat them. All of them.

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