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Sep 1, 1997
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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A voter for The Associated Press college football poll was removed from the poll board Wednesday because he mistakenly thought Oklahoma had lost to Texas Tech and voted the Sooners lower in this week's rankings.

Jim Kleinpeter of The Times-Picayune of New Orleans said he tried to find the score of the Oklahoma game, but was unable to do so.

While I'm personally glad they weren't buying his excuse (legit or otherwise)...

>>AP sports editor Terry Taylor said: "We understand mistakes can happen, but we thought this one could have been prevented. The heart of the matter here is the credibility of the poll."

Who really cares about the credibility of that poll? It doesn't have any credibility IMHO. Play the damn game on the field!

It's nice when someone can make our city, and the T-P, look even dumberer.
Too bad the guy wasn't able to get his hands on the final score.

If only they had this TV station that did nothing but show sports (or poker). To make it even cooler, they could have this thing that scrolls at the bottom of the screen with updated scores of other games that aren't being aired on the channel.

To make it even better, on this channel we could air this other show that does nothing but airs clips, highlights and scores of whatver games (in any sport) that have been played in the last 24 hours. Of course, to make sure everyone sees it we would have to air it 5 or 6 times a day.

While we're at it, this guy I know (his name is Al Gore) is working on inventing this thing where all of our computers can be linked and we can all access information from one site on any other linked computer. I forgot what he's calling it. Inter-something. We could have our new sports channel have it's own area in case these reporters don't have access to a TV but are near a computer.

On second thought...all of this is just silly. None of this is ever going to happen. But just imagine if it did.

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