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Jun 3, 2005
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who here tips at smoothie king....

i just noticed that they have a tip jar. Why should I tip them for doing there job. I work at a cell phone store and I dont have a tip jar. From the looks of it, people that work at McDonalds do a lot more work that the people at smoothie king and they dont have tip jars...

I mean its ok to have it out there, i just dont know if they expect me to leave them a tip...they are putting fruit into a blender and pouring it into a cup...
there is no reason to tip them....they are not providing continuous service....
Starbuck's has a tip jar too. I usually just toss in whatever coin change I get back.
sucker....they probably make 50 bucks a day from people like you:hihi:

I usually stop there about once a month, so they ain't getting too much from me. :ezbill:
Yeah, coffee shops have tip jars all the time. I never use them unless I pay with cash. In that case I will throw in my change.

Not quarters, though. I love me my Washingtons, and they can't have them. Especially since they never make cafe au laits correctly.

See, the thing is this. It's OK if you don't have cafe au laits, but don't say you offer cafe au laits when all you do when I order it is give me a latte sans espresso. I want a cafe au lait made the real way. I want 1 part scalded milk and 1 part fresh hot black coffee poured simultaneously from opposite sides of the container. This will result in the smooth, wonderful taste of a genuine cafe au lait. The kind you would love if you'd ever been to Coffee Call or Cafe du Monde.
For some reason, at Smoothie King, I don't. However, when I go to pick up a Pizza at Theo's or any other pizza place and there is a tip jar I usually toss in a dollar. From the looks of it most of the people are students working their way through college. I was there once and a dollar every now and then isn't much to me.
I worked at a Smoothie King for about 2 years. Never once were we allowed to have a tip jar. I didn't see a need for it at all. It takes not even a minute to make a smoothie, so I don't believe that a tip was necessary. And to be quite honest with you, half the smoothies that my friend used to make were so bad that he should have paid someone to drink them, I mean they were bad.
I used to tip at Smoothie King all the time
until I found the band-aid
I tip them if they make the smoothie to my specifications without charging extra. I figure i'll pay one way or another when I ask for extra strawberries, etc, either they charge me for it and Smoothie King gets it or they don't and they get it.

Same principal as at a bar with a bartender.

I do not tip at Sonic though.
Has anyone ever gotten anything other than their smallest size (which is pretty big in it's own right)? The "large" size is just freaking huge and I'm sure has about 1,500 calories in it.
Has anyone ever gotten anything other than their smallest size (which is pretty big in it's own right)? The "large" size is just freaking huge and I'm sure has about 1,500 calories in it.

When I was driving 5 hours back and forth between college and my hometown I would. That was "lunch" for me. Easier to suck on a smoothie then eat gross fast food in the car.

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