Tommy Stevens: How Do you like the pick? (1 Viewer)

Tommy Stevens: How do you like the pick?

  • Love it

    Votes: 60 23.3%
  • Meh

    Votes: 72 28.0%
  • Hate it

    Votes: 30 11.7%
  • Too soon to tell

    Votes: 95 37.0%

  • Total voters
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I guess "meh"? I mean, it's a 7th rounder, so no harm no foul if it doesn't work out.

If he's our next Taysom, great! I'm more curious to know if this is because we want to be prepared to let Taysom walk next season or because we truly feel Taysom will be the starting QB and Payton wants to keep a "do it all QB" in the offense/ST.
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Anyone know about his accuracy?
Watched him a good bit with MSU and not sure he was the best QB on that team. Very nervous about our depth at cb, still.
literally review on this kid says references Taysum Hill. So that tells you ALL you need to know - both about him, and (possibly??) about our future plans for Taysom.
I have a hard time seeing him as our active #3 QB on game day. Hope for a practice squad stash maybe. Who knows.
To put things in perspective, Cole McDonald went 15 picks ahead of him. I could have gotten behind moving into 7th to get McDonald. Interesting thing is we could have drafted McDonald with that 7th we got from Cleveland on Baun pick

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