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Aug 21, 1998
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Thought you guys might find this interesting.

by Todd Helmick
August 7, 2009 - Alright, so these underdog picks probably won't be competing for a shot in the national championship game anytime soon - teams that won’t be getting recognition in most preseason top 25 polls, either. Obviously, that is not what we mean by surprise. But they are each good enough for a major upset or two in the world of college football parity, and any could find a poll position at some point of the season. Time to put opponents on UPSET ALERT!

The WAC strikes again! Let's just say that if the Bulldogs face an opponent with a shoddy run defense, look out. This rushing attack has the potential to be one of the nation's best statistically with Daniel Porter in the backfield and six starters returning to pave the way up front. Electric return man Phillip Livas and his 2,105 all-purpose yards are another reason to keep an eye on this (listed) receiver. The defensive line is extremely stout - big D'Anthony "Boo" Smith truly anchors the middle. Six players that were named to the All-WAC team in 2008 will return from a team that got eight wins and a bowl victory. Like most WAC teams, the secondary is porous. Ground/clock control is the aspect that can save this team, and they have a good one. Another bowl invite and an upset or two could be in store for Ruston.

Sept. 5 at Auburn
Sept. 12 at Navy
Nov. 6 Boise State
Nov. 14 at Louisiana State


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May 1, 2006
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Yeah, it seems we're the chic pick by some select media outlets to take a big step forward and surprise some people this year, but I just hope it's not too much too soon.

We have talent, sure, but I was really more looking towards 2010 to be the year these kind of expectations surfaced. By then we should have a more talented QB ready to step up, a couple high-profile transfers eligible to take over, and our better recruiting classes the past couple of years will have had time to significantly improve our depth (which is where we really struggle against bigger schools). We've also tougher schedule this year than last and less home games, so even if we improve as a team, there's a decent chance that our record won't really reflect it and I fear that will be looked at as a step backward.

Oh well, can't really control what the media predicts of you I suppose. Just better get that passing game in gear (at least somewhat) or the bandwaggon will be mighty light come next year.

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