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Aug 6, 2011
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Listening to Locked on NFL and they have discussed their top 5 offenses (and listed their top 10). According to Matt Williamson it goes.

1. Chiefs- Rich get richer with CEH
2. Cowboys - They believe that McCarthy will be a big boost, and that the additions they made in Lamb will make a big impact (they don't believe that losing Frederick will be that big).
3. Ravens- Jackson is still on the rise, and he will develop as a passer
4. 49ers- They believe that San Fran has a great mix of talent, and have replaced all of their needs in the draft.
5. Saints- They give no reason other than “the 4 ahead of them are better”
6. Eagles- They added some major pieces
7. Falcons- If Gurley’s knee is right, they could make a jump
8. Bucs- Brady, Gronk added you a lethal group
9. Titans- No explanation
10. Raiders- No explanation
One of the hosts said he would put the Saints over the 49ers, quite frankly I would put us at 2 or 3 at worst.

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