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Nov 26, 2006
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Florida Panhandle
Picking at #10 is almost a curse this year b/c the top flight players probably won't fall to us and the best value of this draft according to numerous coaches/GMs/analyst and commentators that have been interviewed on NFL Radio say this draft is best from 15-31. This indicates to me that our best option is to trade pick 10 to a team that really wants to grab a player. IMO, the ideal team would be Dallas. Jerry Jones wants McFadden, but the price to jump up to #1 with Miami is going to be too high, but the price to move to #10 where he could possibly fall or they could move up a couple spots easier makes sense.

Pick 10: 1300 pts

Pick 22: 780 pts
Pick 28: 660 pts

The players we need will be around in the 20's. Using nfldraftcountdown's mock draft we could land two players that most people on this board would be happy with. Currently they have the Cowboys taking Talib at 22 and Felix Jones at 28, but DRC and Dan Conner both go after 28 which means we could have either or both depending if we wanted Talib or DRC. Also grabbing two players in the 20s would give us more value for our money so we don't have to pay another top 10 pick.

Other players that would be around at 22 are Mendenhall, which he would be a great replacement for Deuce or a trade opportunity for a team that wants to move up and grab him. If that's the case, we could possibly land another 1st and 2nd or a 1st from next year.

A scenario like this could play out b/c I think that we will not reach for a player at 10 that we could get a simliar talent later in the 1st while picking up more picks.


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May 26, 2007
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why would Dallas trade with us though, They would trade earlier if they want Mcfadden
:plus-un2: If McFadden slipped out of the Top 5, the Patriots would definitely be willing to move down. Why would Jerry Jones wait until the 10th pick to trade up if he wants McFadden that bad?

I do agree that after the Top 6 players the talent level drops down a bit, but trading down is not as easy as it sounds. First we'd have to find a team that wants to trade up for the same talent that we're passing over.


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Dec 5, 2006
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Round Rock, TX
If #10 is such a curse, why would any other team want it?

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