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Jun 2, 2008
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I like to see us trade down and get a 2nd 3rd and maybe a 5 pick for our 15th pick.
What do you guys think?:scratch:
I think we should trade up for some team desperate to move back and then trade again with some team even more desperate to move up and bank some extra picks, like day trading...
3 picks, none lower than a 5th for the #15? That's just not gonna happen. If the saints also threw in their 3rd, that is more reasonable.
The only way I think the front office would be comfortable in trading back is if one of the following happened:

1. There is an early run on QB's....not likely to happen
2. We get an offer from the Vikings for the second first round pick, their second, and a 5/6th pick....possible if Austin is still on the board when our time is to pick
3. We get an offer from SF that has a SLEW of picks attached to it...not likely to happen

We aren't the only team that knows that there is a wealth of talent in the second and third round. I can't see (outside of what I stated above) that a team is going to want to trade with us. But...I do hope I am...could be wrong. That's the beauty of the draft.
I posted this in another thread...

Wanting to trade back and actually trading back are two different things. Everyone realizes the fact that there is plenty of talent in rd. 2 and thus folks are reluctant to trade and may place a higher value on that #2 than it is worth.

Trading down would be a great move, but it will be difficult to find a trading partner who won't want too much for the move - unless there is that one team who must have that one player available at 15.

So, if it doesn't happen, don't blame Loomis. It might just not have been a doable proposition.
I posted this in another thread...

Reminds me of the trade back talk in '06 when we had the second pick and Reggie Bush to dangle in front of teams. It's hard to find a trade partner. One thing that has changed is the rookie salaries. For a while it wasn't desirable to be in the top five because the salaries were getting out of control. Another favorable this year are teams with more picks than can use, like the Niners. They don't have room to keep half of their draft picks on the roster, so it makes sense for the to package and move up for quality over quantity.

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