Transcript: Cameron Jordan training conference call - Thursday, July 30 (1 Viewer)



New Orleans Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan
Training Camp Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Considering everything going on how different does this training camp feel than the normal beginning of training camp?

"I'm probably more anxious about heading into camp on different levels. Just in terms of the guidelines, having 80 or 90 guys and then building. And sort of weary of what can happen in the COVID-19 times. And at the same time, overly anxious and excited just to get back to see another guys. I've been sort of in-building since March, rehabbing my core injury. So I never really left New Orleans. Me and the family stayed here which was great in terms of training. I never really got out of shape. I feel like I am in the best shape possible headed into camping. And at the same time, now things get kicked off. So hopefully we stay on the right path with the right procedures in place, but I think the Saints have tried to put (them) in place and we're able to get through a season. Of course, I wouldn't say flawlessly, but a season nonetheless in the best way we can to pursue the Super Bowl."

Full Interview -


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