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May 1, 2021
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Two Linebackers who the Saints Should Target.

Note, I am not a cap wizard, nor do I claim to be.
This list is purely two linebackers that appear targetable for the Saints given our cap situation.
By: Cabe Bond

Linebackers are typically the make or break of a team. In fact any team that has ever had a notable defense has had an incredible linebacker core, and for a valid reason. They are the all do-ers. Whether it's blitzing, containing the run, or covering passes there will always be one linebacker doing it. As it stands, the only elite linebacker on the Saints' roster is stud all-pro Demario Davis. The others are Zach Baun, Kaden Ellis, and Pete Warner. Which not to discredit Pete, but for starters he is a rookie, and in the Nation Championship Game he was AJ Terrell 2.0. That, of course, makes me nervous for his NFL readiness, though I'm sure he has more than enough capability to turn into a solid LB. With a young, and unproven, linebacker squad, adding some additional help could be a huge improvement on our defense in a whole. For instance, the weeks when Kwon played, the Saints had one of the best defenses in the league. He even helped pave the way to stomp the SuperBowl champs 38-3. Which brings me to number one on this list…


1. Kwon Alexander-

26 years old. 6-1 227lb

This should come as literally no surprise, and this pickup is the most realistic of any of happening. There already have been tons of rumors about him coming back on a lower contract, and with his impact on the team, the Saints would be foolish to not want him back. Racking up 27 Tackles in 7 games along with 4 pass deflections, 1 forced fumble, and 2 fumble recoveries. While those stats might not stand out to you, there is a lot more that he also added to our defense. Kwon would be able to cover the middle of the field to allow the Saints to fully maximize Demario Davis's use. Allowing Demario to be the extra pass rusher, or solely focus on a player, meanwhile the hook/curl area is covered by Kwon. The impact he brought to this defense was insane, and he should definitely be on the Saints big board. Lastly, this might be the superior move to any other free agent, because not only is Kwon an elite LB when healthy, but he would be willing to come back on a cheaper contract, letting the Saints have more money to add more defensive playmakers such as Veteran CB Richard Sherman.

2. K.J. Wright-

31 years old. 6-4 246lb

Now this might seem like a stretch, but as it stands, the Seahawks have no intention of resigning him. Another reason this seems unrealistic is because he wants a lot of money, but a 3 million, one year contract most likely will suffice given how long he has been in free agency. On top of that his age is definitely a factor, and I believe the Saints could get K.J. for less than expected. He's already a dominant defensive playmaker, and has shown to be over his entire career. In 2019 he racked up an impressive 132 tackles and 3 interceptions, along with 11 pass deflections and 5 tackles for loss. He played right linebacker for 10 years before switching to right outside linebacker last year. This could be viewed as a problem because Davis plays ROLB, but with a whole offseason, you can switch Wright to LOLB, or even MLB, especially when you consider his elite covering skills. If the Saints are able to attain him on a fairly cheap one year deal, it might be worth considering adding this elite veteran playmaker to the team.


Jimmy Graham #1 Fan
Sep 9, 2010
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Play Baun/ the rookie.

Unless Winston proves everybody wrong we aren't contending for the SB this year, so give the young LBs reps to improve.


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Jan 17, 2007
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Houston, Texas
When you close your eyes I see Kwon at LB. Unfortunately, he is about as durable as say sister christian would be if she were playing LBr.

LaPlace DCL

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Feb 26, 2009
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Feel that Kwon and the Saints have something in the works to re-sign him when he's ready. He's been working out hard and seems pretty close to being ready. He was an instant impact and gelled with the team very well. Surprised that Wright is still on the market but given how close we are to training camp, it's either Kwon or nobody at this point.


Mar 14, 2015
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I love Kwon but that achilles injury is one of the worst to recover from, there are no guarantees he will be healthy at all this year....

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