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Dec 22, 2003
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Loudoun County, VA
Our next two games are mini-playoff games that will go a long way to determining if we are IN or OUT -- regardless of position.

There are three teams that are on the outside looking in at the playoffs who have a realistic shot at getting in.

Atlanta, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Everyone else is essentially done at 4-6 or worse (barring a miracle).

Of the three teams mentioned above all have ATLEAST 3 conference losses, but this really doesn't matter with the exception of Atlanta since we have H2H games with the others.

Since we already beat Philadelphia and McNabb is done for the year, I'm going to put them aside.

How ironic then that we play those two other teams these next two weeks. With wins over both of them we would have the head to head season matchup and also give ourselves a 2 game cushion in the standings on each of them. Factor in the +3 for the tie-breaker and the fact that we would be 8-4 with 4 left and 3 game leads and then we can look at seedings.

For now, lets get these wins against arguably our two biggest RIVALS in this franchises history.

Falqueens & Whiners. Just like the good ol' NFC West days...
The Falcons game is on tv over here next week, cant wait. A victory there will have everybody cheering again.
WOW! It's GREAT to be BACK into the mix of things again! This time around I REALLY believe we'll grow stronger rather than wither away as we start NEEDING games!

This version of the SAINTS need help with our Secondary and that (almost unbelievably due to missing a Rookie in Harper!) may do us in if we can't find a cure but HEY! I dig our chances and as the Brother said, it's already Play-off time!

This is GREAT!

!!!!!!!!!!!! GEAUX SAINTS GEAUX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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