TX Who Dat watch party- Video post-game excitement (1 Viewer)

Jan 25, 2010
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I grew up in Mandeville,LA, just outside of New Orleans. I am very proud of being a Louisiana girl, and luckily, living in Texas keeps me fairly close to home. As you know, the Saints run through our blood, so watching a game and cheering on da boys is quite natural. This can be difficult in Cowboy country - especially this season. But, when you see this video you will know... even though many of us moved to Texas, our hearts are still in New Orleans. To Texas we've brought our jambalaya recipes, party-attitudes and black and gold jerseys... all as we continue to twirl our umbrellas and wear our fleur-de-lis with much pride. We hollar 'Who Dat' and know that it means more than to just cheer on our favorite team. We know what it means to miss New Orleans.
This goes out to New Orleans, with much LOVE from us in Texas!!

Please watch the video and know that even though we can't all be there in N.O., we are there in spirit!! This was not in New Orleans, or even in Louisiana...this was in Bedford, Texas!!!

I missed my 1st game at BWW last week....to be in The Dome!


Liar. You stayed at home and watched the game on the couch.

Proof enough? (I suck at photoshop!) :ezbill:
Glad you were there. Hope to see you next Sunday (unless a miracle happens and we get Superbowl tickets)..

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