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These tallies used to give me optimism and now it’s the opposite; it’s just a reminder that Russian leadership has zero qualms about endlessly feeding the meat grinder and that the soulless Russian people will never rise up to make it stop, even as their own children and grandchildren are slaughtered.

I remember when 500 was alot.
That's pretty epic considering the UA tank is in the open. It also looks like one of the T series tanks, which don't have the best optics.
Also, the Russians have lost close to 2,500 tanks. That is a lot of trained crews dead & wounded. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the replacement Russian tankmen have had little to no training.
UA has implemented an operational silence request regarding the bridgehead area. Reports are circulating they've increased the zone to 10km. RU forces are scattered and ill equipped, unable to mount a significant attack.

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I disagree, we have not given our best effort. Not even close.
As with most articles, an editor writes the headline and the clickbait description which, as in this case, is often misleading.

Read the entire article and then decide whether you disagree or not with the writer’s point of view.

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