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The special Sunday night war movie is The Blue Max. A world war I movie from the German perspective. Air Craft with reasonable depictions of the ground crew maintenance that were necessary to maintain a fleet of them in that setting.

It probably will not embed here, YouTube has not been agreeable with that notion, lately. They will say it is age restricted when what it really is that they want to force you to watch their advertisements at the YouTube site.

Here's the link to the movie encase it doesn't embed here: The Blue Max

Here's the blurb: "The "Blue Max", a coveted medal for achievement in flying, is ruthlessly sought by Bruno Stabel (George Peppard), a poor-boy German soldier who climbs out of the trenches and into the aristocratic air force. He is met with prejudice by the other contestants; wealthy snobs who look down upon his low economic stature. When he claims the title, he earns the respect of the General, and the General's wife, who wants to repay him in ways that the General might not appreciate."

I didn't appreciate much the General's wife scenes mucking up the otherwise good war movie plot, and I would suggest bypassing them. All of the old movies have those inane romance scenes.

I prefer the kinds of movies where the hero kisses his horse before riding off into the sunset at the end.

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