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Swimmer was never told that no more Pete updates allowed. Whether or not he posts them in the future is up to him. This is about the posting behavior of some of the members subsequent to (and even prior to) Underhill's tweet, and keeping things from getting even more out of hand.

I think that many members feel the same way regarding what they come away with from the Pete posts and whether or not they believe that what is stated are true. There are a variety of opinions on why people like or dislike the Pete posts depending on the individual reading them. They don't bother me, and personally I find a lot of what is posted in those threads entertaining, and certainly don't want to get in the way of members having fun.

We don't really care for the opinions of known drama queens that often react to anything controversial by defaulting to the most sensationalist assumption that they can conjure up to subsequently fans the flames in favor of their own positions. So if that is what you are stating, you are correct.

Keep in mind that you can't see the posts that we have deleted, but I can. From what I have seen thus far, there was plenty of attacking of both Underhill as well as Swimmer in a manner that is not acceptable per our posting guidelines, and when I get done with this post I will go through the closed thread and delete any remaining posts that I find violates our rules. Then I will open it back up.

Speaking of sensationalism... God status on SR? Really?

Look! I have respect for both you and Underhill, but the responses between factions within the thread after (and even prior) to Underhill's twitter post had gotten out of hand, and that precipitated moderation. How do you know that I am not opening that thread back up? I fully intend to do so. That is my decision to make.

Last night Dan in Lafayette called and told me that due to the significant amount of rule violating posts he would likely lock the thread and asked me to look it over when I get a chance. I have been really busy of late so I am slow at getting around to tending to SR business. My intent is to clean up the thread and unlock it after I am done here with dealing with the fallout in THIS thread. Dan also told me that he was going to send you a PM that I may not agree with. I see that he did, and also that you aren't happy with it. I can see it reading between the lines of your posts on this thread today. What is being discussed privately between you and Dan otherwise is between you two and not representative of my feelings on the subject.

Understand that when something really controversial and as touchy as this whole Underhill/Pete thing comes up here where there is uncertainty on how to handle it, the default is to wait for Andrus to handle it. Just as some members pick one side of an issue and some the other, it's the same way with the staff. So better that whatever happens falls on my shoulders, and I accept that. Dan is my right hand man here, and he took some action. But he is leaving further and final action at my discretion.

Who is "they"? I never said anything about Underhill doing anything for SR. I only stated that he was the best and most credible current beat writer that I know.

Let's not turn an individual exchange between you and another staff member that did not include anything that I stated into a "they" thing, and be careful about making such statements and characterizations that can easily be interpreted as misleading. Your posts today in this thread have the appearance that there might be some clever postulating going on within them, so let me just state that I don't care who backs who, I care about the behavior of all of those involved as well as this site's credibility. I speak for myself. Let's not conflate what any other staffer states with my own, and then present it as "they", specifically when "they" includes me.

The bottom line is that this entire uprising over a tweet is unfortunate. To me it was a lot to do with nothing, and petty. But now it's morphed into something else.

Yes! I know that you care, and appreciate your efforts, and this wasn't business in a monetary regard. The board didn't need money last year, my daughter and her children did, which is why I skipped having an SR fundraiser in 2019. To my recollection, SR has never received a dime from Underhill, nor would that matter. Everything I do here is about the rules, keeping to a standard with as much consistency as possible, and maintaining credibility. In 23 years, that has never changed. To the dismay of several former members, as well as friends that I have lost over the years, right and wrong matters more to me than financial contributions, and even friendships.

Back to the members... Let me short cut this with some of the conspiracy theorists out there, because I could quote posts and respond to what I am reading all night. I can say things, but some might not believe it, and being that I don't want any more words being put in my mouth, here is a little transparency for you all. The following is the PM that I sent to Swimmer yesterday, and it is the only PM that I have sent to him regarding this subject, with no redactions or changes other than I blotted out Swimmer's actual name. I don't think there is any content that Swimmer would find embarrassing within it, so in order to shut down such theories and misinformation and to back my points, as well as in some ways Swimmer's, here it is:
Andrus - I appreciate your response very much. I am not going to quote a PM I received explaining my point about Underhill status. It comes from someone most of us believe administers the board and was the sole reason the thread was shutdown. And it was clear that Underhill has a special place on SR. It was the 1st point covered in the PM. It refers to specifically the credibility of Underhill. In that PM , every single point about the shutdown was related to Underhill. The one who sent me this is a caring, fun guy who loves the board.

I am enjoying a magical weekend with my new fiancee after a miserable 18-year marriage, so I am not spending much time at all on this. I very much appreciate your clarification on this and sorry I missed your key points. Heck, Nick was by far my favorite writer. I just want this behind us. with over 1,000 responses, The thread had over a 95% positive rating. Coach Pee threads have been subjected to an intense amount of hatred, But it's the same 5-10 who come after nearly every Coach Pete thread with pure hatred. I was told a number of times by members who don't post their inside and key information that this board hatred is why they don't post on SR solid info anymore.

Goodnite all! I truly appreciate all your efforts to try and run a clean social media site, which is a monumental task I am told.


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I don't think Nick was attacking Swimmer personally, just the story Swimmer is presenting. As a professional NFL journalist and what is obviously a remaining connection to the Saints and Saints fans, he's just providing his informed view that the story is a fantasy.

Of course a great many of us already knew that.
I just don't understand why Swimmer and CP would bother Underhill. It seems wahwah to me.


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I just don't understand why Swimmer and CP would bother Underhill. It seems wahwah to me.
Nick said he was getting all kinds of texts and DMs asking him about it. So he just gave his view on the the rumor. He wasn’t crying about it - just said it was junk.
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Andrus to Swimmer:
I will add that you and I have spent some time together at golf-outings and crawfish boils, and I find you to be quite a character that is a lot of fun to be around. I thoroughly enjoyed the time that we spent chatting at those events and would hang out with you anytime. I also know from our visits that you expressed getting a kick out of getting a rise out of people on these boards.
See, this casts some light.

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